High Counter Chair and Bar Stool

High counter chairs higher than other chairs. Used in Bars, Kitchen, or cafe where the Tabletop height are higher than standard Tables Height.

Bar-stool & High Counter chairs specifically designed to accommodate seating in front of the bar or high counter table. There are different kinds of bar stools available online in different shapes, sizes, designs, and styles. You can pick the best Fixed High Counter stools & bar stools online.

Types Of High Counter Chairs

Fixed High Counter Chair

fixed high counter chairs are higher than standard chairs. We can not adjust the height of fixed heigh chair and came with a footrest to support the feet.

usually, fixed bar stools are maintenance-free but on other hand there is a disadvantage is we can not adjust height of these stools.

Adjustable High Counter Chair

Adjustable High Counter Chairs also Known as Bar Chairs or Bar Stools. Bar chairs give you additional features for adjusting height of chair we can easily adjust the height of bar chairs sitting on it.

Counter stool height:

Countertops range from 36 to 39 inches, so you’ll need a counter stool that ranges from 24 to 26 inches high.

Barstool Height: Bar tops are usually around 40 to 42 inches high, so opt for a bar stool about 28 to 30 inches tall

casual seating in the billiards room to the formal elegance around the counter space, a wooden bar stool is perfect for every corner of the house.

Types of Material Used in Bar Stool

wooden, fiber, metal, metal with wooden finish, Upholstered seat

Types of Legs

4 legs in different materials like wooden, fiber, matal are used in fixed high counter chairs attached with footrest in same material.

wherein another hand crome round plate with ring stand attached with footrest is used in bar chairs or adjustable high counter chair.



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